And so it begins

So the first post of a blog is always a bit daunting, but as the saying goes you have to start somewhere, hopefully subsequent posts will be less ramble-y and more informative.

So why another pen blog? When there are people who are considerably better at both writing and taking pretty photos? Well even I may am not 100% sure on that one yet, but time may tell. I hope to be a little different, my budget is not unending, so it’s likely there will be more ‘editorial’ type posts mixed in with the reviews that prevail on more standard pen blogs. Plus I’ve restored a fair few vintage pens and my collection is split a bit more evenly between vintage and modern than perhaps some others collections are. But who knows, it’s early days and I don’t want to limit the scope of things too much, who knows, my interests might change, I might fancy doing things differently or I might get some wealth benefactor who heaps high end pens on me.

  At the risk of living up to the ramble-y statement in the title I think I’ll call it a day for this post, but stay tuned, I have got a few posts lined up.

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