Waxing, Waning and Keeping The Hobby Interesting

So you may have noticed a bit of a lack of posts round here lately, for which I’d like to offer an apology. On the plus side it has prompted me to write what I hope should be an interesting post.

So part of the reason for my absence on the blog has been that real life just got rather busy, however another factor is that I would say my personal pen hobby is currently waning. Now first off, that doesn’t mean I’m stopping the blog, selling all my pens and giving up, far, far from it. I still like pens, I still use them every day and I still like writing about them. It’s just that right now at the moment I’m not constantly looking at what is going on in the pen community, I’m not constantly looking for the next pen to buy, or what news inks have been released. Currently my pen hobby is just using and enjoying my pens.

Now at first this might seem like a bad thing, like I don’t enjoy the pen hobby as much any more or something along those lines. To that I would say absolutely not, in fact I would say having a ‘wane’ every so often is a good thing. There are a few big names in the community who for want of a better word ‘burnt out’ they sold most of their pens and semi-retired from pen life. Similarly every so often I see a post on Reddit from someone who has basically had enough and has decided to sell all their pens and move on. In four or five years of using fountain pens I’ve never had that desire, but I think that’s because I’ve allowed things to wane several times. Being really fully involved in something, even if it’s something you really enjoy can be quite exhausting, and it’s hardly surprising that after a while of permanently being on maximum interest you get fed up.

As I say I’m pretty happy in that I’ve avoided that, whenever I find myself feeling a little less interested in pens I go and throw myself into another hobby for a bit, temporarily retire from pen-life for a few weeks or months and just use my pens as tools. I don’t buy more pens, because I don’t need any, likewise with inks. I don’t keep up with other bloggers/youtubers much at all and I don’t keep up with new releases. This I find works really well, I can come back into the community with loads of new stuff to look at, I don’t have to read the same posts over and over or watch the same videos time after time, instead there’s a massive slew of new content which I completely missed which I get to dive into. All of a sudden things are news and exciting again and I realise why I keep coming back again and again to pens.

So, what do you think? Does this make any sense as a way to keep things interesting? Let me know what you do to keep things interesting, or if you have a similar pattern of waxing and waning.

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